An outstanding experience

Quality, Safety, Environmental Policy


The companies within our group are aware of their role in preserving the health and safety of their personnel and in environmental protection.
They have adopted an integrated improvement approach that occurs every day through the principles of following functions:

» Mastering the interaction within the corporate organization.

» The continuous improvement of processes and customer satisfaction, through registration, monitoring, failure treatment, implementation of corrective and preventive actions and suggestions from employees.

» The commitment to provide, to each of our employees, training and resourcesf or their personal and professional development.

» The close collaboration with suppliers, applying the same principles of trust and participation as with our customers.

» The development of new products and services to expand our range of technical and commercial solutions and continuously optimize existing solutions.

The benefit of this approach is the improvement of the working conditions, the preservation of the health of employees, the protection of the environment but also the recognition of our customers who require working with reliable companies.

Our goal will always be to meet the requirements of our customers and the continued commitment to provide, through our activity, added value to our customer's businesses.

Each entity in the group Garay is ISO 9001 certified. Our site in France is also MASE
certified (Manuel d'Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises).

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